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2/18/2014 9:26:49 AM

Roofing 101: Module 2: Roof System Basics (Online course)


Roofing 101: Module 2: Roof System Basics describes roof assembly component functions and safe roofing practices; explains how roof systems affect energy consumption and the environment; and addresses building code compliance, roofing warranties and general maintenance requirements.

  • Learn about safe job-site practices and general safety issues for roofing workers, building tenants and the public.
  • Study the functions of roof assembly components, including roof decks, insulation and vapor retarders.
  • Recognize the role of standards and testing organizations and roofing-related building codes.
  • Explore sustainable design and energy efficiency through thermal insulation, cool roofing technologies, green roof systems, and photovoltaic and wind-generating systems.
  • Understand warranty coverages and general maintenance requirements.
Click here for a demonstration of the Roofing 101 program.

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