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NRCA members received industry news throughout the year via e-newsletters, NRCA's website, Professional Roofing magazine, Professional Roofing's website, social media, NRCA's Roof Scoop blog and media promotions, among other resources.

Regarding its online innovations, NRCA E-News and NRCA SmartBrief continue to offer more in-depth information about NRCA and its members; NRCA E-News has 13,379 subscribers, and NRCA SmartBrief has 9,037 subscribers. NRCA E-News is published twice per week, and NRCA SmartBrief is published three times per week. NRCA Insider continued to offer its online features, including quarterly reports from NRCA's chairman of the board and videos such as "A word from Bill" and "NRCA Personalities." NRCA's For Members Only (FMO) newsletter offered important member news, and the Washington, D.C., staff's 10@10 newsletter provided information about current legislative and regulatory issues.

Additionally, NRCA is active in social media. NRCA members and nonmembers can "like" and follow NRCA and Professional Roofing on Facebook; follow NRCA on Twitter and Instagram; connect with NRCA on LinkedIn; and watch NRCA videos on YouTube, offering more ways to receive information and network within the industry.

NRCA's social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube increased during the fiscal year. NRCA's Facebook fans increased about 25 percent to 5,148. Twitter followers increased about 32 percent to 4,023. In addition, the number of followers on NRCA's LinkedIn page increased 14 percent to 4,330, and the number of views on NRCA's YouTube channel increased 15 percent to 8,843 views. NRCA's Instagram followers increased 263 percent to 493.

NRCA also offers the NRCA app for smartphone and tablet, which provides members with free access to NRCA's electronic publications. Members can download the NRCA app from the Apple App Store or Google Play and gain access to NRCA publications. NRCA publications continue to be added to the app, and all automatically are updated on the app as revisions are made.

Additionally, Professional Roofing offers its digital edition, which is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play. The app is free to anyone in the roofing industry and allows users to view the entire magazine on their tablets.

NRCA's website includes 30,000 pages of information and has 23,000 registered users. Professional Roofing's website offers 7,000 pages of information and has 9,000 registered users.

NRCA also continued to offer consumer information on www.everybodyneedsaroof.com. The website features homeowner- and building owner-specific information about buying a roof and choosing a professional roofing contractor. It includes videos, a From the Experts column, separate resources for building owners and homeowners, natural disaster information, a glossary of terms, and more.

NRCA held its third National Roofing Week, which took place June 5-11, 2016. Its mission was to increase recognition of the significance of roofs to every home and business in the U.S.; promote the roofing industry's good deeds; and emphasize the value of professional roofing contractors. In celebration of National Roofing Week, NRCA hosted its Children's Art Contest, and NRCA staff partnered with Rebuilding Together Metro Chicago and CNA, Chicago, to make repairs at the YOUth CAN Chicago facility. The facility serves disadvantaged youth and provides them with academic assistance, computer technology, art and music programs. Additionally, NRCA staff volunteered at the Niles Township Food Pantry.

During the 2016-17 fiscal year, NRCA's media relations efforts included communicating and improving relations with media outlets, and helping to increase NRCA's visibility among members and nonmembers.

NRCA also offered its official blog, Roof Scoop, which publishes timely news and commentary of interest to the roofing industry. Posts include news stories relevant to the roofing industry; NRCA members' good deeds and accomplishments; and announcements and details of important NRCA events, educational offerings and awards, among other topics.

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