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NRCA's recommendations for LPS

The installation, evaluation and maintenance of LPS are beyond the expertise of most roofing contractors though elements of such systems may interface with roof system components. Of the elements of LPS discussed in this section, strike termination devices and conductors are sometimes installed adjacent to or in direct contact with roof system components.

When LPS components are encountered, NRCA offers the following recommendations:
  • LPS components should be identified on roof drawings, specifications and/or shop drawings provided to roofing contractors. Details indicating how roof system components shall interface with LPS components should be provided by the roof system designer. If not, roofing contractors should request additional information from roof system designers. LPS components should be evaluated according to UL Standard 96.

  • If an existing LPS has a Master Label Certificate from UL or a Master Installation Certificate from LPI, roofing work likely will cause those certifications to become invalid and generally will have to be reevaluated by UL or LPI after roofing work has been completed to maintain certification. It may be wise to discuss the status of LPS with owners or roof system designers before commencement of roofing activities to ensure the proper steps are taken to maintain LPS certifications.

  • If noncertified LPS are encountered, roofing contractors may consider suggesting to owners existing LPS be evaluated by UL or LPI before commencement of roofing activities. UL's Letter of Findings program or LPI's Limited Scope Inspection program can be used to evaluate and document the status of existing LPS and provide guidance for how best to integrate existing LPS components with roof system elements.

  • If you decide to engage a LPS installer or designer, consider using someone certified by LPI. Installed LPS should comply with NFPA 780, LPI-175 and other provisions that may be required by an Authority Having Jurisdiction.

  • It may be helpful to coordinate project schedules and work sequencing with LPS installers before commencement of work to ensure the efficient installation of roofing and LPS components and minimize return trips to the job sites.

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