National Roofing Week

National Roofing Week 2020

Aug. 23-29

Each year, National Roofing Week increases awareness about the significance of roofs to every home and business and shares the good deeds of the industry.

NRCA encourages members to participate in National Roofing Week by engaging in their communities and informing the public about the essential role roofs and professional roofing contractors play in every community.

To celebrate National Roofing Week, NRCA will host the We are Family Raffle, sponsored by A.C.T. Metal Deck Supply. Learn how your roofing family can win a prize for your office!

NRCA also hosts a social media campaign to highlight its members and their contributions to the roofing industry. Members are encouraged to “Share Your Story” by posting photos that will focus on a different theme each day during National Roofing Week, tag NRCA and use the hashtag #nationalroofingweek.

National Roofing Week Contacts

Krista Berns
Director of communications
(847) 493-7531

Ambika Reid
Vice president of communications and production
(847) 493-7555

2020 Daily Themes
  •   Sunday: National Roofing Week kickoff
  •   Monday: Signature projects
    Share photos showcasing your company’s signature residential and commercial projects
  •   Tuesday: Giving Day/Charitable projects
    Share photos that demonstrate your company’s charitable giving
  •   Wednesday: Employee appreciation
    Share photos of your company’s employees
  •   Thursday: Employee training
    Share photos that demonstrate how you train your workers
  •   Friday: Celebration
    Share photos showing us how your company celebrated National Roofing Week
  •   Saturday: Wrap-up
Member Resources

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