Avoid these five recruiting mistakes

May 18, 2022

Employee retention currently is a hot topic, and a company’s recruiting methods can contribute to employee turnover. Therefore, it is crucial you take extra care in your approach to hiring workers.

Fastcompany.com recommends avoiding the following five hiring mistakes.

  1. Not understanding your needs. Companies often do not take the time to understand the problem they are trying to solve and identify the characteristics for the ideal candidate. Not doing the work to prepare can lead to a longer process and a poor hiring choice.
  2. Not properly setting up flexible arrangements. In a recent Adapt survey, 96% of employees ranked flexibility in working arrangements as a key factor, and more companies are offering flexible work arrangements and work/life balance to compete for talent. However, if you do not have the right technology or policies in place, the employee may eventually leave.
  3. Not making career development clear in the interview. A key reason employees are leaving jobs is they are not seeing a future for themselves at the company once they take a position. It is important they understand their growth opportunities and ensure their experience with the company aligns with their expectations.
  4. Not understanding a candidate’s motivation. It is important you find out the candidate’s biggest motivator during the interview process. Learn about career expectations, ideal work environment and when he or she was most satisfied in a position.
  5. Not being upfront about challenges. Hiring managers may feel pressured to convince candidates they are offering a wonderful opportunity before the candidates accept another offer, which can create unrealistic expectations and set up the employee for disappointment. Be honest with applicants about the realities they will face if they accept the position.

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