How can you break your procrastination habit?

April 26, 2022

Most people procrastinate at some point. But rather than feeling guilty about it, there are actions you can take to help solve the problem.

Following are strategies from Harvard Business Review to help you prevent procrastination.

  • Build time in your daily calendar to focus on your most important long-term project. It can be easy to postpone work that requires concentration. A daily pattern will make it less challenging and help make progress feel automatic.
  • Learn to accept demanding work. Easy work often can be mistakenly equated with productivity. If you become more tolerant of demanding tasks, you will procrastinate less. Practice by tackling 90 minutes of at least one demanding task each day—not just busy work.
  • You will be less likely to delay novel tasks if you have a system for approaching them. Have consistent steps you take when you encounter something new so you are not struggling with how to start.
  • Show yourself some compassion. We tend to avoid tasks that stir up negative emotions, so try to identify what you are feeling so you can address it. For example, if your negative feelings stem from a previous experience, acknowledge that you can feel disappointed about your past performance and move forward by learning from it.

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