How can you help your employees adapt to new technology?

April 26, 2022

When your company is looking to implement new technology, such as software, it is key your team realizes the benefits for them and the company, according to

Employees must understand the processes and what will change in their daily life once the new technology is implemented. Following are some key factors to help your team adapt.

  • Get executive buy-in. The boss’s opinion is critical for new workflows and big decisions that come with new technology. They must emphasize the need to make things better, and if senior management is well-respected and trusted, team members will be more willing to accept the change.
  • Start small. Begin with a small rollout to help identify difficulties and questions before all staff become involved. Start with tech-savvy employees so they can pinpoint challenges they see with the rest of the team. But you also should choose one or two people with little technology experience who can work alongside the savvy team members to better understand how the technology works. When you roll it out to larger groups, trained members can help answer questions or give advice.
  • Choose a team champion. Choose someone on the team to be an advocate and expert regarding the technology and function as a go-between for the vendor and the company. The team champion should have leadership skills and be a problem solver, great at networking and comfortable leading with new ideas.
  • Set expectations and goals. Adoption rates may vary depending on employees’ willingness to learn a new tool. Set clear benchmarks that measure your success during the process. Small rewards can encourage participation; for example, you can offer rewards for setting up a user account or completing a training module.
  • Invest in continuing education. For example, in the case of new software, good training is key. The vendor often will offer some training, but consider planning regular training to ensure the technology is used in the most efficient way possible and you are up to date regarding the latest features.

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