Learn five ways to boost your focus

April 8, 2021

Many people have found handling the pandemic during the past year exhausting. But there are times when you need to concentrate, regardless of the circumstances.

Following are five methods from www.fastcompany.com to help you focus and get things done—even for short periods of time.

  1. Reduce distractions. Identify things in your environment—your phone, an open window—that take your attention and minimize the effects of those distractions. However, sometimes a diversion such as going for a walk can help you boost your focus when you return to your tasks.
  2. Narrow the scope and avoid multitasking. If you are overwhelmed, break down your task into steps and address them one by one. Switching from one thing to another can lead you to try to work faster, which amplifies stress and time pressure.
  3. Focus on your overall goal. Thinking about a successful outcome can motivate you to concentrate. When you are emotionally engaged with finishing a project, it can boost your energy and remind you about what you need to focus.
  4. Take a “brain break.” The break could involve moving your body, hydrating or doing some deep breathing exercises while focusing on your posture.
  5. Work in sprints. When you know the times of day your energy peaks, work in short bursts during those times to help boost your focus. The Pomodoro Technique involves setting a timer for 25-minute intervals with five-minute breaks.

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