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May 3, 2022

What do you think is one of the most overlooked safety measures? Three NRCA members share their answers.

Joel Barnes

One of the most overlooked safety measures is routine inspection of equipment. Constant, continual checks for broken or damaged items or other notable deficiencies can make the difference as to whether a critical piece of safety equipment works as intended. Inspections can be simple and easy and take no time at all if you make it a methodical process and train others to do it in the exact same way, every day and every shift.

—Joel Barnes, Korellis Roofing Inc. Hammond, Ind.

Collin DeBuysere

An overlooked safety measure is making sure safety equipment is used and installed correctly. Anchors, guardrails, harnesses, etc., will give a false sense of security on the job site if they are not used as the manufacturer intended.

—Collin DeBuysere, Roofing Technology Inc., Davenport, Iowa

Diana Peterson

I think most contractors do a great job focusing on the physical hazards but may overlook the mental ones. Employees’ stress levels, mental states, and internal and external distractions can affect their ability to perform their jobs safely.

—Diana Petersen, Red Pointe Roofing, Orange, Calif.


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