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Online registration is available for the National Roofing Legal Resource Center's (NRLRC's) 39th annual legal seminar, Roofing Issues: Decks to Dockets, Sept. 6-8 at The Meritage Resort and Spa in Napa, Calif.

The NRLRC seminar offers you the opportunity to learn innovative strategies and useful approaches for managing your company's risks, improving its operations and ensuring its continued success.

The four-diamond Meritage Resort and Spa blends world-class luxury with exceptional hospitality to bring you the ultimate Napa Valley resort experience. Enjoy sun-soaked vineyards, lavish accommodations paired with extravagant amenities, and award-winning cuisine celebrating Napa's finest.

Registration is $895 for NRCA members, $1,495 for nonmembers, and $235 for spouses and guests.

For more information about the 2018 Roofing Issues: Decks to Dockets or to register, click here or contact Alison LaValley, NRLRC's executive director, or Anne Schroeder, NRLRC's director, at (847) 299-9092 or aschroeder@nrca.net.


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