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Discussion of building codes and standards applicable to roofing in the United States

11th International Congress Proceedings



building code; design requirements; fire resistance; material standards; wind; uplift resistance

In the United States, four modedl building codes currently provide the technical basis for building construction. These codes provide the minimum legal requirements for construction, including the design, manufacture and installation of roof assemblies. As late as teh 1980s, these building codes were relatively silent on specific requirements applicable to roofs. However, several large national disasters that caused considerable property damage int eh late 1980s and early 1990s, building officials, property insurers and the general public have taken significant setps in making these coes more stringent, particularly as they relate to roofing. This paper provides detaild information regarding current model buiding code requirements for roof assemblies in the United States. This information will be particularly useful to individuals or companies condsidering introducing roofing products or services in the United States.

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