Employer Resources

Effectively managing employees require knowledge and skills about human resource management and development and how to comply with federal employment laws. These can be daunting tasks for any employer. Click each item below to access information and tools to support your needs.

Job descriptions (Members Only)

NRCA provides sample job descriptions as Microsoft Word documents that can be edited and personalized for your company.

Recruiting Tools

Identify best practices for attracting the right people to your company.

Hiring Tools

Learn more about best practices in hiring, including the interview process and making job offers.

Onboarding Tools

Onboarding can help your new employees feel included and increase employee retention.

Training and Development Tools

Learn the best practices in training and development to help you comply with the law and support your motivation and retention efforts.


Learn how to identify the reasons you can and cannot fire an employee and how to conduct discipline and termination meetings at your company.

Employment Law

NRCA provides a modules about employment law so you can gain better insights about your rights as an employer, as well as your employees' rights.

Contractor Resources

Although NRCA does not administer the roofing contractor's exams in Illinois and Oklahoma, it does publish the study materials you will need to prepare for the exam.


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