NRCA University Webinars


Technical Roofing Industry Update

It is important to stay up to date with the latest technical updates to ensure your company's success. In this one-hour webinar recording, Mark Graham, NRCA's associate executive director of technical services, provides information about current technical issues in the roofing industry. There's no easier way to keep abreast of technical developments and updates in the roofing industry!




Top 10 Employment Mistakes Made by Contractors

Tune in to this December 2017 webinar as Philip Siegel, a partner with Atlanta-based Hendrick, Phillips, Salzman & Siegel and legal counsel to the National Roofing Legal Resource Center, shares the top employment law mistakes made by roofing contractors. Webinar participants will learn steps to take to minimize potential liability for employment law matters; how to ensure a former employee is prohibited from bringing claims against the company; and how to avoid other common traps in the employment law arena. Siegel will address several issues, including:

  • Proper classification of independent contractors
  • Severance pay
  • Disciplinary action documentation
  • The importance of having written job descriptions
  • The importance of having a discrimination and harassment policy
  • Common wage-and-hour classification mistakes (e.g., travel pay)


Business Management

Setting Up Residential Job Folders

Everyone at Beldon Roofing knows exactly what is meant by the "Beldon Way." Regardless of how you want your company to run, you have a lot to learn from Brad Beldon, president of Beldon Roofing. Brad will explain how he instituted Beldon Roofing's job folder program, which provides accountability on multiple levels and a paperless system that allows any employee to have immediate access to all records from a job, increasing efficiency and customer service.

Brad Beldon describes his company's philosophy: "For more than half century, it has always been about being the best we can be. It's about personal commitment and community ties. It's about exceeding expectations. It's about creating a team of customers, employees and suppliers—all working together to make a better product, develop stronger relationships, and create new and higher benchmarks for success. Our goal is 100 percent customer satisfaction—a concept that's often overlooked these days. And we empower our staff to make it happen."


Business Management

Customer Service—A Company Approach

Most of us know a company that continually provides excellent service and care. What most likely sets the company apart is its dedication to focusing on you and your needs during every interaction. When companies embrace the concept that every employee must be 100 percent customer-focused, the level of customer service is palpable.

Tune into this one-hour webinar recording during which Bob Kulp, president of Kulp's of Stratford, Wausau, Wis., presents ways to engage employees from all corners of your company in customer service with special emphasis on the role of field managers.