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EMI Class 4—Leadership and Succession Planning

"EMI-4 was the very best industry learning opportunity that I ever experienced. Without taking away from an excellent experience at EMI-2, I felt like I left EMI-4 equipped to lead and embrace the transition to next generation leadership in our company.

Prior to EMI-4 I had absolutely no idea how to even envision what a transition and succession process would look like, and I actually was somewhat fearful and apprehensive about such an endeavor. It requires skills and understanding that I don't possess, and I wouldn't have known how to even begin. Naturally, I would have put off the inevitable until late in the game.

I left EMI-4 equipped and with a clear plan in mind. I'm 59 years old, and it was definitely time to start the transition process, which I began researching after the first session in October. We have a consultant on board, and our first company-wide succession planning workshop is on Monday. I became armed with ideas, knowledge and training for the tasks ahead at EMI-4, and I can't thank you enough. The content, class size and overall experience was excellent! I can't wait for EMI-5. Thanks again!"

—Wade Hilty, Competition Roofing Inc., Houston, Texas

"EMI has been instrumental to the development of my business. It has kept me focused and energized to efficiently and effectively grow my business. The professors and class content easily related to the roofing industry. It was a pleasure networking with and learning from fellow industry professionals. My only regret is that I didn't attend all the EMI classes. I will be the first to sign up for the next EMI. Thank you to all involved with this program, it is truly appreciated."

—Peter Horch, Horch Roofing Inc., Warren, Maine

"I recommend the Executive Management Institute to owners and long-term key employees of roofing companies whom have significant trade knowledge, but want to confidently enhance their business knowledge. The program is set up to allow you to discuss key issues openly with closely aligned peers whom do not operate in the same geographical market. The professors are business professors at one of the best business universities in the world. They are sincere and they tailor their content specifically to you. By NRCA establishing and maintaining this program, it is one of the best ways to improve the reputation of the roofing industry from the roots."

—Robert S. Molnar, Wm. Molnar Roofing Inc., Riverview, Mich.

"Because our company was going through an ownership transition, I thought the Executive Management Institute's topics for class 4 were especially appropriate. The folks at NRCA put together an amazing group of instructors and resources to cover Leadership and Succession Planning. I was challenged by many of the things we learned … especially how I come across to others. I learned so much about how I need to manage myself and how to be a better leader for my organization and other areas of influence. The instruction we received in succession planning was extremely valuable and practical for our organization, particularly regarding the alignment of values and mission and clear communication.

I can't speak highly enough of this program. The instructors were top-notch. The relationships formed and instruction we received are invaluable. Thank you to NRCA for putting the EMI program together."

—Van Edwards, Mid-South Roof Systems, Forest Park, Ga.

"Thank you for hosting and managing the Executive Management Institute (EMI) Class 4 in Chicago over the last year. The class was run at a very high professional level, and the information we received will pay dividends to each of our companies. The class structure and agenda give us the ability to get more information in the quickest possible time. The class allows participation and input from everyone and encourages information sharing.

One of the issues I have always faced in the roofing industry was being able to talk to people who were dealing with the same issues as me. NRCA has always encouraged sharing information; however, on a local level that is not always the case. By creating these classes, NRCA helps facilitate this information sharing. People get to know one another as peers and individuals and not as competitors or companies.

The class also has information about how we can improve our day-to-day duties. How to deal with different personalities, ethics, how to communicate and how to promote our strengths (brand). These classes can be found anywhere separately but put together and in a context with others in your profession really help drive home the information.

The class also creates life-long friends, mentors and colleagues. I have visited one of the classmate's offices already (Wm. Molnar Roofing) and have gained important insight on how others have succeeded. I am planning to visit a few others this summer.

I look forward to seeing the agenda for EMI Class 5 soon."

—Rich Carroll, SR Building Services LLC, Woodinville, Wash.

EMI Class 3—Leadership & Risk Management

"This program exceeded my expectations. The instructors were outstanding, and the content was relevant and helpful. NRCA has done a great job with the program and I feel it was truly an excellent program. Thanks!"

—Jamie Kirkland, RJK Construction, Willoughby, Ohio

"Thank you so very much for the tremendous experience last week! The session was exactly what I was needing and so much more than I expected. I loved every moment and have put theory to practice every day since returning home."

—Teresa A. Robinson, Frye Roofing Inc., Bluefield, W.Va.

"The program in Chicago was great, and I'm looking forward to the next session. You guys really did a great job putting all of this together and I can tell you put a lot of thought into every detail—it really shows."

—Timothy Curtin, Statewide Roofing, Ronkonkoma, N.Y.

"I am so glad my CEO gave me the go-ahead to attend EMI. It has been a great four days of learning. I am so proud to say I have graduated from FEI and now I'm in EMI."


"Very worthwhile program for me and my career. I met some great people and can't wait until the next session."


"As always and just like every other NRCA program/event I have participated in, this one was extremely well organized, put together and thought out. NRCA staff did an outstanding job. Thank you."


EMI Class 2—Leadership & Strategic Planning

"I attended NRCA's Executive Management 2 and was extremely impressed with the curriculum and the high quality of the faculty. The professors at Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management are unmatched in the field of Executive Management, and their presentations were extremely effective. In particular, the presentations on leadership and strategic planning really opened my eyes on how to be a more effective leader and how to leverage our company's strengths to gain a strategic advantage in the marketplace. Furthermore, the extensive material presented on "when to lead" vs. "when to manage" gave me real-life tools to apply in the everyday operation of our business. I believe the principles of leadership and business strategy that I learned during the program will no doubt help our company more successfully compete in the highly competitive commercial roofing market. I would strongly recommend this program to any business owner or top manager in the roofing industry."

—Paul J. Tomczuk, R. H. Marcon Inc., State College, Pa.

"NRCA's EMI program is a great experience and worthwhile investment. The curriculum exceeded my expectations because the first-class instructors and NRCA staff present materials that can be executed in your day-to-day operations. Also, the opportunity to meet other amazing classmates in the industry, who share and solve similar issues, was priceless."

—Sarah Smithey, Frost Roofing, Wapakoneta, Ohio

"I really enjoyed the material and the presenters. The course made me take the time to examine what we are currently doing and look for new opportunities. The added benefit was seeing how my business and others from around the country can and are moving roofing companies to being very suave businesses. I look forward to the next level."

—Thomas J. Cleary, Jones & Cleary, Chicago, Ill.

"Very good experience to emphasize the difference between management and leadership and how executives needs to lead more and manage less. Leadership focuses on commitment while management focuses on compliance! Some of the best professors I have experienced. Enjoyed the graduate or masters level approach that we could all apply to our day-to-day styles towards continuous improvement!

—Jack Scalo, Burns & Scalo Roofing Co. Inc., Pittsburgh, Pa.

EMI Class 1—Leadership & Marketing

"After participating in EMI, I'm on fire and filled with exciting new ideas that will help with the structure of my business and equipped with tools to help my company grow. The greatest benefit I have received is learning from other roofing professionals. The long-term relationships that developed from EMI have helped more than I can put into words."

—DeWayne Corvin, Décor Construction, Tulsa, Okla.

"What did I get out of EMI? Revelation was the primary benefit EMI provided for me. Participating in EMI made me realize I—if not most small-business owners—spend too much time on day-to-day operations and not enough time simply thinking. EMI has given me a focus and direction I did not possess previously. If there is any regret, it is that the program was not offered 20-30 years ago."

—Jim Giese, Jim Giese Commercial Roofing Co. Inc., Dubuque, Iowa

"The EMI program was valuable beyond words for me because it addressed a relevant issue at my own company. When I hear about other people's issues and solutions, it helped me clarify things I should and shouldn't have been doing."

—J. Reed Gooding, GSM Roofing, Ephrata, Pa.

"I highly recommend the EMI program for those who have a roofing business that is truly run as a business. When managed correctly, roofing companies have the same complexities as any well-run corporation. EMI gives participants a perspective on how companies problem solve, manage and market products. It truly helped me to make decisions based on facts and not emotions. I recommend EMI to anyone in the industry and intend to attend future EMI's with my management team."

—Tom Bloom, Bloom Roofing Systems Inc., Brighton, Mich.

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