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Gold Circle Awards

The Gold Circle Awards program recognizes Alliance and NRCA members for outstanding contributions to the roofing industry. Unique roofing-related jobs, programs and services completed between June 1, 2016, and May 21, 2018, are eligible for the program. To be considered for a Gold Circle Award, Alliance and NRCA members are nominated by their peers and community for significant contributions to the roofing industry in the following categories:


Outstanding Workmanship

Submit examples of a particularly challenging job, difficult design job, abnormal working conditions, difficult materials used, etc., to showcase your work.

Innovative Solutions

Did you have a particularly difficult job, find a smart solution to a problem or install environmentally friendly projects? Clearly explain what makes your project so innovative.

Safety Preparedness and Performance

Safety is paramount in roofing, and if you had a job that exemplified excellent safety preparedness, submit an entry that includes a description of the following:
  • Specific safety considerations that were considered and included in the proposal as the job was being bid.
  • The written safety plan created after selection.
  • How safety was integrated into unique job elements that gave rise to creative solutions and procedures, for example, where multiple trades or unique worker or public protection issues existed.
  • Examples of how and why the plan needed to be revised as the project continued.
  • Your plan for fall prevention.
  • What safety policies and/or procedures were revised/created as a result of a post-job safety review.
All entries will be evaluated by a panel of judges within the roofing industry. The highest-ranking entries will determine the winner.

Benefits of Winning

Gold Circle Award recipients will receive the following:

  • Formal recognition during a special awards ceremony held during NRCA's 132nd Annual Convention and the 2019 International Roofing Expo® in Nashville, Tenn., Feb. 11-13, 2019.
  • A Gold Circle Awards trophy
  • Recognition in Professional Roofing magazine
  • Press releases notifying industry trade press and local media
  • The honor of serving as inspiration to fellow NRCA members striving for excellence
Rules and Entry Deadline

  • Members submitting entries must create a Dropbox link containing all materials and high-resolution photographs and email the link to Jessica Priske at jpriske@nrca.net by the close of business Oct. 12, 2018.
  • No resubmissions.
  • Good photos are critical—they tell the story. Types of photos that are helpful include close-up photos of details; photos showing examples of safety; and photos of work in progress (before, during and after).
  • A letter of recommendation from an unrelated third party who can vouch for project satisfaction—such as the building owner, designer, general contractor, etc. (someone other than the manufacturer)—strongly is encouraged.

Please contact Bennett Judson, executive director of The Roofing Industry Alliance for Progress, at (847) 299-9070, ext. 7513, or bjudson@roofingindustryalliance.net.

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