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Meetings and homework

Annual meeting

The three-year NRCA Future Executives Institute (FEI) is built on 10 core areas essential to small-business operations: management, leadership, strategic planning, human resources, financial management, sales and marketing, roofing industry issues, risk management, family relationships/succession and personal-development skills. Content addressing these areas will be presented throughout the three years. A number of these disciplines build on one another.

NRCA convention

Students enrolled in the institute will participate in a program during the International Roofing Expo and NRCA's annual convention. The program will address one or more of the core areas and provide time to share information about projects that participants have been working on since their institute meeting in the fall.

Projects and assignments

Participants will be responsible for completing a variety of challenging projects and assignments. Some will involve individual projects about each participant's company. Others will be team assignments with other class members.

The expectation is that the entire future executives group will complete the three-year institute together. Each fall, there will be a four- to five-day, face-to-face program, and during NRCA's annual convention, the class will reconvene to touch base and participate in an educational program.

Between face-to-face meetings, there will be projects and assignments. Potential projects will include assignments related to individual companies. Projects will be tailored to student experience and company needs.

Three-year schedule

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Family business: Introduction to family business Family business: Career development and succession planning Family business: Governance for family business complexities
Finance: Financial accounting   Financial management
Leadership/Human resources: Leadership workshop Leadership/Human resources: Culture Leadership/Human resources: Conflict management and terminations
Leadership/Human resources: Recruiting and hiring Leadership/Human resources: Motivation and retention  
Legal issues: Introduction to legal issues facing roofing contractors Legal issues: Analysis of construction contracts Legal issues: Select legal issues posing liability to roofing contractors
Marketing: Marketing fundamentals Marketing: Using marketing strategy to build a business Marketing: Building strong brands
Team building, leadership and decision making: Leadership activities Team building, leadership and decision making: Leadership activities Team building, leadership and decision making: Leadership activities
    Team building, leadership and decision making: Coaching
Strategic planning: Introduction to strategic planning Strategic planning: Vision and culture  
Business relationships    
Communication workshop    
Presentation skills   Presentation skills: Speak to persuade: when being informative is not enough
  Risk management Risk management: Crisis management

Note: Course and scheduling subject to change.

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