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NRCA National Health Care Program

NRCA is proud to offer our members the NRCA National Health Care Program and announce some exciting changes.

NRCA's National Health Care Program has been expanded to offer two provider networks to each member company with more than 30 participants. Employees of these companies will be able to choose at enrollment whether to be covered by Aetna or Cigna. This will give members and their employees enhanced buying power by being able to choose the program with the best local network, coverage options and, importantly, premium options. In addition, the program will now offer more robust dental, life and disability insurance options.

NRCA member companies with more than 10 participating employees are eligible. To date, 70 NRCA members and the NRCA staff have joined the program, and nearly all renewed for 2014.

If you have 10 employees or more than 100, the NRCA National Health Care Program is for you!

The program is brought to you through NRCA's partnership with National General Benefits Solutions, which is part of the National General Insurance (formerly GMAC Insurance) family of businesses, an A-rated (AM Best) carrier. The management at National General Insurance has a long history of success with multiple public insurance and financial services companies and the committed resources and expertise to be able to make this the one program that will fulfill NRCA members' needs.

Aetna and CIGNA offer Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) programs along with superior wellness and care management options. They are two of the highest-rated carriers in the U.S. by health care professionals. The program gives NRCA members flexibility to develop their own eligibility rules and cost-sharing arrangements with their employees.

With health insurance premiums and health care costs continually rising and health care reform continuing to take its course, it is worth taking a serious look at this NRCA-sponsored program.

Request a quote

To request a quote, please follow these steps:
  1. Download the Request for Proposal form (Word document) and the Employee Census form (Excel file).
  2. Fill out the Request for Proposal form and the Employee Census form.
  3. After completing both forms, email the files to Eric Keefe, plan consultant, at eric.keefe@ngic.com. If possible, complete and send the form in the existing formats because the form is designed for rapid input into National General Insurance's underwriting model. Note: Copies of plan documents and invoices may be faxed or sent via PDF or image.
You should receive a quote within about a week of receipt of your census, plan design and current cost information.

If you have questions, please contact Tom Shanahan, NRCA's vice president of risk management, at tshanahan@nrca.net or (800) 323-9545, ext. 7538 or Eric Keefe at National General Insurance at eric.keefe@ngic.com or (800) 234-6762, ext. 29807.

Note: Roofing companies with 10 or more participating employees will be quoted on National General Insurance A- rated (Best & Co.) paper. Optimal pricing and coverage for organizations with one to 10 participating employees always is a challenge, and NRCA is committed to offering members competitive health care options, such as individual coverage in some cases. If your company is small (fewer than 10 participating employees), please contact Eric Keefe at eric.keefe@ngic.com or (800) 234-6762, ext. 29807 for more information.

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