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NRCA Pentagon Project

After several meetings and proposals, NRCA organized the repair and replacement of the Pentagon's roof system caused by the Sept. 11, 2001, attack.

Restoration of the Pentagon's roof system involved rebuilding part of the structure that was damaged by the airplane crash and repairing a significant portion of the roof system that was damaged by fire. The fire, caused by thousands of gallons of jet fuel, destroyed more than 40,000 square feet (3,716 m²) of slate roofing.

Rebuilding the entire structure was be a long and involved process; NRCA's efforts focused on the areas that needed immediate repair to enable Pentagon workers to reoccupy their offices.

NRCA received generous donations of materials at no cost from several roofing materials manufacturers. Many contractor members supplied labor for at least a portion of the project. And NRCA members contributed more than $125,000 for the project.

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