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Presentation skills

Instructor: Vanna Novak

Year 1
Presentation skills

Make the impression you want to make by communicating confidence, competence and credibility to others. In this workshop, you'll learn to make powerful and persuasive presentations that spur people to action. Superior presentation skills can make all the difference in influencing decisions and being perceived as a leader.

Year 3
Speak to persuade: when being informative is not enough

Truly effective leaders are the ones who not only get people to listen when they speak but also get them to take action. Learning how to do that takes practice. Once you've heard what it takes to be a persuasive presenter, you'll get the opportunity to practice and apply the various strategies and skills while getting on-the-spot coaching and feedback. Through the use of individual and small-group exercises, you will learn how to:
  • Project an image of confidence and competence while building trust
  • Be concise yet convincing when responding to questions
  • Respond effectively and maintain your composure when asked tough questions
  • Never be caught off guard for an extemporaneous speaking situation
  • Develop and deliver a presentation specifically designed to persuade and get buy-in
How do you become a truly persuasive and credible communicator? The same way you get to Carnegie Hall ... practice, practice, practice. This session will give you the opportunity to do just that in a supportive, high-energy setting.

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