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Public policy

Instructor: Duane Musser

Year 1
Introduction to public policy

Individuals in the roofing industry can accomplish public policy goals. To that end, this class will help you understand the government process. The course begins with NRCA's Government Relations Primer and reviews the legislative process and basic methods of communicating with elected officials. You will then examine NRCA's Congressional Directory covering the White House and cabinet agencies; U.S. Senate and House of Representatives leadership; the makeup of individual congressional offices; the congressional committee structure; and a glossary of legislative terms.

The second half of the class focuses on how to work collectively to accomplish goals by forming coalitions. This is followed by discussion of why it is important for those in the roofing industry to be politically involved, particularly through industry political action committee. The class concludes with a review of case studies of public policy issues successfully influenced by NRCA.

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