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Risk management

Instructor: Tom Shanahan

Year 2
Risk management

During this class, you will examine and discuss the importance of the risk-management process: risk identification, risk analysis, designing the strategy, implementation and review. Too often, understanding risk is left to chance, which can lead to serious trouble. Understanding and managing risk is relatively easy and often overlooked as either too time-consuming or difficult to do. Included in this discussion is a comprehensive look at effective safety program strategy and implementation. A theoretical behavioral model for safety is used a basis for discussion and understanding. As you know, safety in the roofing business is crucial; however, safety often takes a backseat to production and profit goals. A solid risk-management process will anticipate and manage deadly pitfalls, improve profitability and bring peace of mind. You will be asked to report on risk-management activities taking place in your company and evaluate their efficacy.

Year 3
Crisis management

As a follow-up to the risk-management class, this third-year class looks at significant events that can occur and how they should be handled. Sometimes, a simple "event" can lead to dire consequences all because someone said, "I'm sorry." Interestingly, the opposite is true, as well — a serious problem can be mitigated because the company's spokesperson said the "right" things. The class will discuss the importance of not only recognizing but managing crisis. Your crisis-management strategy must align with your vision and mission. We will show the components of a successful crisis-management plan; steps to take to implement it; how to deal with the media and your employees when things go wrong; and evaluating a crisis. A case study is used to highlight key points in the class.

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