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I have been a member of NRCA for more than 25 years and have considered it one of my best investments because of the information and services it provides.
Kraig S. Clawson, Innovative Building Envelope, Consultants Inc., Holladay, Utah

I can't even imagine not being a part of the national association for the industry in which I've devoted my life's work.
Bo Haering, RRC, Spectrum Building Envelope, Consulting LLC, Haymarket, Va.

As a forensic engineer investigating roofing problems, one benefit of NRCA membership I rely on is the ability to call with technical questions and speak with a helpful NRCA expert who will discuss the issues and follow up with relevant technical documents.
David Grandpré, P.E., S.E.C.B, C.A. Pretzer Associates Inc., Cranston, R.I., Member since 1998

When it comes to how I've benefited from my NRCA membership, at the top of the list is being informed of industry issues from a contractor's perspective. The impact of new regulations and the approach to address new issues discovered is often enlightening.
David Hawn, Dedicated Roof & Hydro-Solutions LLC, Centreville, Va., Member since 2003

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