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NRCA Qualified Trainer Conference

By participating in an NRCA Qualified Trainer Conference, you will gain practical, how-to training skills while becoming a recognized NRCA Qualified Trainer. New trainers will gain a strong foundation in critical training skills, and seasoned trainers will be introduced to best practices for delivering powerful workforce improvement presentations and effective hands-on training.

Participants will learn about how NRCA ProCertification works, including its goals, policies and procedures, and the Job Task Analysis skills required of installers for receiving a certification(s) through NRCA ProCertification. In addition, the conference includes assessments of participants' hands-on coaching abilities, presentation skills and training knowledge. NRCA Qualified Trainers will be uniquely suited to coach roofing company employees from the beginning of their careers all the way through certification.

Additional benefits of becoming an NRCA Qualified Trainer include:

  • Verifying trainees' successful completion of training
  • The ability to train and coach employees testing for certification

Pre-conference requirement

Before participating in an NRCA Qualified Trainer Conference, participants are required to engage in a one-hour webinar addressing classroom presentation skills. Potential times and dates for the webinar will be included in the registration confirmation. Following completion, each participant will be assigned a topic he or she will prepare and present during the Qualified Trainer Conference. Participant presentations are rated as a performance assessment; it is required to successfully complete the course to become an NRCA Qualified Trainer. 

This program is recommended for those who would like to:

  • Onboard new employees as effectively as possible
  • Increase worker retention rates
  • Maximize workforce efficiency
  • Engage, coach and make a difference in their companies

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