How can drones play a role in job-site safety?

May 31, 2022

Contractors use drones for site surveys, stockpile profiling, material measurement and more, allowing them to quickly gather large amounts of real-time data about job-site progress, according to

Jason Hurdis, Global Market Professional for Caterpillar, emphasizes that drones can offer the following safety benefits.

  • Removing people from unsafe situations. Drones can handle jobs risky for humans, such as climbing up a pile to measure stockpile inventory.
  • Getting a bird’s-eye view of a job site. Seeing where people are in relation to machines and other hazards can make it easier to identify blind spots and potential risks before accidents happen.
  • Responding to near-misses. Rather than guessing what happened, you can send a drone to capture footage of a particular task or location and analyze the footage to make changes.
  • Reacting to site changes. What might be a safe situation on day one may not be safe during a project’s later stages. A drone can take snapshots of progress over time and help you incorporate necessary changes into your safety plans.

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