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News Sept. 6, 2023

How can workers reduce the risk of shoulder injuries?

Jobs that require physical labor can lead to aches and pains. The Texas Department of Insurance’s Division of Workers’ Compensation says a shoulder injury can occur because of a repetitive process, such as overhead work or lifting objects.

When workers are experiencing shoulder pain, stiffness or arm numbness, it is important to intervene as soon as possible.

Safety+Health magazine and NRCA offer the following tips to help workers reduce the risk of shoulder injuries.

  • Perform “stretch and flex” movements before work and periodically during the day.
  • Always follow proper lifting techniques: Face the object that needs to be lifted and keep the back as straight as possible by bending and using the legs for lifting power.
  • Avoid reaching to place or retrieve heavy objects. Keep objects close to the body when lifting and moving to alleviate excess back strain.
  • When loads are awkward or heavy, try using two people or mechanical equipment to assist. When two people lift a load, the likelihood of either person sustaining a shoulder injury is reduced greatly.

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