How can you be a better leader?

May 11, 2022

Leadership always is important, but good leaders especially are crucial to an organization’s growth and success during these difficult times. offers the following four to-dos from businessman and author Peter S. Cohan that will help make you a better leader.

  1. Let people know you care. People choose leaders with whom they feel an emotional connection. You must create such connections with everyone you meet by finding an important value about which you both care deeply, such as family or helping people. From such connections, articulate your organization’s mission and values. Organizations with clear and compelling missions and values will attract and motivate people more effectively.
  2. Open your ears before you open your mouth. Effective leaders realize they can build trust and learn more by listening. When you meet with other people, ask questions about how the person is doing and listen. You can learn what people care about; how they feel about their work and family life; and what they aspire to achieve. It could offer insight into where individuals fit best in the organization.
  3. Set ambitious goals and exceed them. Trust is vital to a successful organization. You build trust when you make a commitment and follow through with it. Conversely, trust diminishes when you make a promise and fail to deliver.
  4. Create an environment in which people can excel. Leaders are struggling with inflation, higher interest rates, supply chain issues and more, and you cannot face these challenges alone. Create an environment in which your employees can excel by setting clear goals and articulating the organization’s values; encouraging brainstorming about how best to achieve the goals; empowering them to develop and execute the best ideas; removing internal obstacles that inhibit them; and publicly recognizing and thanking employees for their achievements.

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