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News Sept. 19, 2023

What leadership skills most benefit your employees?

Your leadership skills can significantly affect your employees, so it is important you work to develop skills that highly benefit your workers and your company.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce offers the following leadership skills that can help your employees grow and succeed.

  1. Decisiveness. Decisiveness shows others you trust your instincts and experience. Decisive leaders make decisions quickly, commit to them and see them through to execution.
  2. Delegation. The best leaders know they cannot do everything themselves and understand delegating allows them to focus on higher-level work. Delegating also empowers employees to take on new challenges and demonstrate their value to their team.
  3. Resilience. Resilient leaders can handle setbacks, adapt to change and calmly face high levels of pressure. Running a business is stressful, and you can develop resilience by recognizing every challenge comes with new opportunities.
  4. Integrity. Leaders who are honest and always act according to their values gain more trust and loyalty from employees. When you have integrity, your employees are more likely to demonstrate positive workplace behaviors.
  5. Flexibility. Leaders should use cognitive flexibility, which means you use different thinking strategies in your planning and daily work; emotional flexibility, which means you can vary your approach when handling your emotions and the emotions of others; and dispositional flexibility, which means you see the situation realistically but still are optimistic about a better future.
  6. Persuasion. Leaders must be able to persuade employees and shareholders to see and believe in their vision.
  7. Empathy. Empathetic leaders build strong workplace relationships, anticipate employees’ needs and step in when they need extra support. Empathetic leaders are approachable and actively listen, which creates an environment where everyone feels safe to share ideas.

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