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Cementitious-wood fiber deck Treated wood fibers bonded together with Portland cement or other resinous- or cementitious-type binder that are compressed and molded to form a structural material. Examples of product trade names are Tectum and Insul-rock.
Deck A structural component of the roof of a building. The deck must be capable of safely supporting the design dead and live loads, including the weight of the roof or waterproofing system, and the additional live loads required by the governing building codes and provide the substrate to which the roof or waterproofing system is applied. Decks are either noncombustible, (e.g., corrugated metal, concrete or gypsum) or combustible (e.g., wood plank or plywood).
Gypsum deck A mixture of calcined gypsum binder and wood chips or other aggregate; when mixed with water, sets to a conglomerate mass; used for poured gypsum roof decks.

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