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Debt Collection Best Practices: Bring the Real World into the Classroom!

March 5, 2024 | Noon CST
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Ninety-nine percent of our customers settle their invoices promptly upon receipt. But what about that remaining 1%?

During this webinar, Robert Andreu and Salvatore Cimino of Altus Receivables Management will provide expertise and resources to optimize the collection process with a focus on supporting clients in skillfully navigating the challenges related to accounts receivable.

Robert Andreu
Director of business development for Altus Receivables Management

Having spent 36 years in the field, Robert Andreu is a highly experienced expert in the realm of debt collection. During his tenure, he has established himself as a trusted adviser in all matters related to accounts receivable. Andreu prioritizes the needs and goals of his clients using his experience and knowledge to navigate the complexities of debt collection. He is dedicated to ensuring businesses not only recover outstanding debts but also cultivate receivable management strategies for long-term financial success.

Salvatore Cimino
National account manager for Altus Receivables Management

Salvatore Cimino boasts 26 years of expertise in debt collection, specializing in the roofing and building supply sector. Cimino leverages his deep industry knowledge to deliver tailored and results-driven receivables solutions. Renowned for his strategic approach and client-focused ethos, Cimino’s leadership continues to redefine excellence in debt recovery. His commitment to ethical practices and continuous learning solidifies his standing as a trusted authority in the field.


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