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News May 30, 2023

Five issues that damage manager/team relationships

Disengagement in the workplace often is caused by poor relationships between managers and their team members.

Fast Company offers the following five issues that damage those manager/team relationships.

  1. Lack of trust. Once trust is broken, it is difficult to restore. You can build trust by keeping promises, being true to your word and being consistent in your actions. Shared values, decency and fairness are key.
  2. Being too busy. This is a sign of poor leadership and a lack of care for those you manage. No matter how busy you are, you always must have time to listen to and help your team. Take the time to foster and maintain relationships.
  3. Keeping secrets. A lack of transparency and openness can damage workplace relationships and morale. It is important to trust your colleagues and share the good news and the bad news.
  4. Being overly critical. Although most people like to be praised, some managers find it difficult to recognize workers for a job well done—and some only point out the faults. When you praise employees, you inspire and engage them in the workplace.
  5. Treating people differently. When a manager has favorites and is inconsistent, it can ruin workplace relationships. It is important you treat people fairly and have the same set of rules and standards for everyone.

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