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News Feb. 29, 2024

Getting creative to solve workforce shortages

The construction industry faces workforce challenges as experienced professionals retire and the industry struggles to attract enough younger employees.

Construction Executive shares the following ways your company can get creative when trying to attract and retain qualified workers.

  1. Pitch the opportunity. A recent ADP Research Institute report showed the construction industry had the third-highest share of motivated and committed workers out of 16 industries that were analyzed. When you are pitching the industry, be sure you mention workers’ motivation and commitment, along with good pay, benefits, training and certification for career advancement, and varied career paths.
  2. Look outside the current talent pool. Broaden your thinking. For example, how can you reach out to more women, veterans or other underrepresented groups? Sometimes, demographic groups are overlooked because they do not fit the stereotypical profile of a construction worker, but they may have skill sets you have not considered.
  3. Know your audience. The construction industry currently is competing for Gen Z workers, who were born between 1997 and 2012. It is important to understand what motivates this generation, including technology, a career path and having a positive effect on the world. When speaking to members of Gen Z, pitch how your business strives for what they want in a company and career.
  4. Get creative. Visit local and regional high schools to speak about the opportunities in construction compared with the costs that come with a traditional four-year degree, and sponsor summer internships and apprenticeships for interested high school students. Be sure to make parents part of the conversation to dispel the stereotype of a construction position as a low-paid, unskilled job.
  5. Upskill and reskill. Identify employees with significant potential and provide additional training such as certification and degree programs. To strengthen retention, engage with them about a viable career path and plan, and connect them with mentors within the organization.

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