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News Nov. 15, 2023

Avoiding common mistakes during the hiring process

Finding new hires during a workforce shortage is crucial. If done incorrectly, your company loses time and money, and the company’s growth can be affected.

Inc. shares the following common pitfalls during the hiring process and how to avoid them.

  • Vague job descriptions. Ensure your job description is clear. Before posting anything, be sure to outline roles, responsibilities, expectations and necessary qualifications in precise terms.
  • Skipping the research phase. It is important to research the role you are hiring for, the industry and the current job market so the role and its requirements align. Study market trends and salary ranges to set appropriate expectations.
  • Hasty interviews. You may hire the wrong person if you rush through interviews. Carefully prep questions that revolve around the essential skills and qualities required for the role. Delve into a candidate's experiences and ask for real-life examples of using their skills and solving problems.
  • Ignoring cultural fit. A candidate's skills and experiences should match your company’s culture. In addition to evaluating a candidate’s qualifications, consider their values, work style and attitudes toward teamwork and collaboration.
  • Rushing the decision. Do not overlook red flags or ignore long-term implications. Carefully evaluate and compare candidates while also being mindful of each candidate’s time.
  • Neglecting candidate experience. Neglecting candidate experiences can hurt your company’s reputation, so be sure to respect and properly communicate with all candidates. Keep them informed regarding their status in the hiring process and provide constructive feedback.
  • Failing to promote diversity. Diversity brings innovation, creativity and unique perspectives to your organization. Do not shy away from considering candidates who may differ from you or your team.
  • Not learning from past mistakes. After each hiring round, determine what worked and what did not. Make necessary changes and improvements to help your hiring strategy evolve.

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