California bill could set new “ultrahigh” heat protections for workers

June 1, 2022
A bill in the California state legislature potentially could set new protections for employees working in “ultrahigh” heat outdoors, according to

If passed, Assembly Bill 2243 would require the state’s Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board to consider revising the heat illness standard for workers in industries such as construction when outdoor temperatures exceed 105 F.

The board would need to consider:

  • Requiring employers to pay closer attention to workers for symptoms of heat-related illnesses, as well as ensure workers get paid rest breaks every hour and have more accessible cool water than usual
  • Requiring employers to distribute their heat illness prevention plans—which they already are required to have—to workers when they are hired and when temperatures first exceed 80 F or annually
  • Lowering the limit the quality of the air must exceed before “respiratory protective equipment becomes mandatory”

The bill passed the Assembly 47-19 May 25 and was sent to the Senate for consideration.

Tags: Safety | Regulations


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