Combat surging fuel prices by increasing fuel efficiency

June 23, 2022

Fuel prices have been surging globally and do not seem likely to fall soon, according to The increase is affecting everyone, including construction companies with fleets of trucks.

However, the following measures can be implemented to help reduce fuel consumption.

  1. Minimize idling. Idling wastes fuel but often is a common practice. Simply turning off the vehicle when it is not in use can help save fuel and prevent unnecessary wear on components. If the machines have timed idle shut-off or stop-start capability, this should be switched on.
  2. Do not ignore the service light. Understand and follow recommended maintenance schedules to ensure equipment gives optimum performance. Poorly maintained machines will use more fuel for the same amount of work as well-maintained machines.
  3. Follow manufacturer’s recommendations. Ensure correct fluids (such as engine, hydraulic and axle oil) are used and kept at the required levels. Additional checks on the cleanliness of radiators, radiator screens and air filters also are important for fuel efficiency.
  4. Monitor your machines. Many newer machines come with monitoring facilities. By analyzing their data, you can find operational efficiencies by understanding how equipment is being used and help detect potential service problems in advance.
  5. Consider modernizing your fleet. Buying new—or newer—machines offers the benefit of diesel engine technologies that have become increasingly fuel efficient, reliable and cleaner.
  6. Use trained operators and deploy them correctly. Invest in training staff for the equipment they operate. Poorly trained staff likely will be more aggressive when using machines, increasing fuel consumption.
  7. Use Eco mode. If the work can be done in Eco mode, it automatically will reduce engine speed and save fuel.

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