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News April 12, 2022

Five physical signs you may be experiencing burnout

As millions of people quit their jobs during the Great Resignation and the world faces a range of challenges, it is no surprise many U.S. workers are experiencing burnout. Although people often can push through the emotional signs of impending burnout, that can lead to physical symptoms more difficult to ignore. lists the following five physical signs that can indicate you are experiencing burnout.

  • Insomnia. Many people who have trouble sleeping often may not realize it is caused by burnout. Dr. Lotte Dyrbye, who studies burnout at the Mayo Clinic, says research shows chronic stress interferes with the neurological and hormonal system that regulates sleep. It can be difficult to rectify because lack of sleep throws the system even more off track.
  • Exhaustion. If you find yourself wanting to nap after work every day, you may need to look deeper regarding whether you may be experiencing burnout.
  • Changes in eating habits. Research suggests stress hormones can affect appetite, with people feeling less hungry when they are experiencing high levels of stress and feeling hungrier than usual when that stress eases.
  • Stomachaches. A study of people in Sweden suffering from exhaustion disorder, which is similar to burnout, showed 67% experienced digestive distress.
  • Headaches. The same study in Sweden found 65 percent of people experiencing burnout reported headaches.

If you experience any of these symptoms and think burnout could be the culprit, it is important to try to identify the underlying causes and find a way to alleviate the issue. Experts have suggested methods such as extended breaks, writing exercises, making time for hobbies, and focusing on your community and helping others.


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