Five traits great construction teams possess

March 31, 2022

Having a team that works together is key, whether it is a crew of workers, field leadership or an executive team. But what makes a great team? shares the following five traits that exist within great construction teams.

  1. Trust. Team members do not have to like each other but must trust one another; without trust, there is no teamwork. Trust comes from communication but also is an internal belief that all team members are on the same page. Although there may be disagreements, once action is taken, each team member works from the same understanding.
  2. Direction. Teams need a purpose. When a group of people are focused on working toward the same goal, there is informal outreach between members regarding how to succeed. Providing direction can motivate individuals to set their own agendas aside and try to maximize the talents of team members.
  3. Influence. Influencing team members means approaching them with helpful insights or expertise that can contribute to greater results. You present a perspective or solution and give the teammate time to understand, adjust and see the potential advantages.
  4. Transparency. To be transparent is to trust others. If a team can truly experience trust among its members, it will be easier to be honest and emotionally vulnerable. It may help to have one or two team members initiate the honesty; for example, sharing honestly why he or she cannot support a decision.
  5. Leadership. Any team member, regardless of rank and title, can lead one or more teammates in any given situation. There needs to be a healthy respect for each member, giving way to the member with greater experience, knowledge, commitment, etc. Great construction teams spend little time establishing who is in control and instead focus on getting all team members moving in the same direction.

You can incorporate the five traits of great teamwork into your work crews, project teams and senior leadership team.

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