Get the feedback you need for professional growth

May 31, 2022

Getting honest feedback and using it to boost your success can be crucial for your professional growth. However, sometimes it can be difficult to effectively ask for authentic feedback from your superior, and leaders are not always enthusiastic about reviewing an employee’s performance, according to

But soliciting and receiving feedback can lead to more overall job satisfaction and engagement at work, and employees who believe they are appreciated are more likely to stay with a company.

Following are ways you can take action to get vital feedback from your boss.

  • Make it known you want feedback and share how you receive it best. Your boss is not a mind reader, so practice spelling out the types of of input and feedback you expect and giving your own feedback about the contributions and insights most valuable to you. Specify how frequently and in what format you prefer to receive the feedback. Do you prefer emails or in-person conversations? Will you get feedback weekly, biweekly or monthly?
  • Ask for tasks or projects outside your comfort zone. When people push themselves to find new limits, real advancements can be made regarding professional—and sometimes personal—growth. The next time your boss asks for help with a special project or new initiative, volunteer even if it makes you a little nervous. You also can proactively seek such opportunities to show your desire to learn, grow and be a critical part of the team.
  • Show you appreciated the feedback. When you receive the feedback, accept it politely and positively and ask follow-up questions so you can better understand the nuances involved. Write it down so you can refer to it and use it to improve. Follow up with the person who gave the feedback and let him or her know how helpful the comments were, maybe even giving an example of how you are using the feedback to improve. Be sincere about wanting more feedback in the future.

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