HomeAdvisor offers limited-time deals for new NRCA members

July 2, 2020

NRCA partner HomeAdvisor is offering deals for new NRCA contractor members who sign up before Aug 6.

The limited-time offers include 25% off Profinder leads for the first 30 days after new enrollment and $200 in free leads with a one-time $600 prepaid bundle. The offers are available for new contractor members only and will replace current deal terms until Aug. 6.

Learn more here, or email NRCA@homeadvisor.com, visit HomeAdvisor.com/NRCA or call (833) 765-0533.

HomeAdvisor has surveyed thousands of homeowners to provide you with what homeowners want in a service professional. HomeAdvisor can put your business in front of its extensive homeowner network; more than half a million homeowners generate service requests each month with HomeAdvisor.


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