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News Jan. 3, 2023

How can new managers earn respect from employees?

It can be difficult for new managers to earn the respect of employees, but making the effort can reap benefits, such as increasing employee engagement, productivity and job satisfaction. offers the following recommendations to gain respect and confidence as a new manager.

  • Give dignity and respect. Fifty-seven percent of respondents to a Pew Research Center survey said one of the reasons for quitting their job was “feeling disrespected at work.” To gain respect, you must treat your staff with dignity and gratitude so they believe they are valued. Focus on traits such as self-awareness, empathy and communication.
  • Be consistent. Fairness and logic stem from consistency. Ensure you are consistent in all aspects of leadership, from handling discipline to delegating tasks. Get to know each person individually.
  • Lead with action. It is important to spend time working side-by-side with employees. Be sure you know what they do and can help if they are struggling. Lead by example and do the work rather than just telling another employee to step up and help.
  • Support your team. Managers should guide their direct reports and support them. You may hear things that business owners do not, such as dissatisfaction regarding processes or policies. Advocate for your staff and help find solutions.
  • Be accountable. You may handle a situation poorly or make a mistake. To build trust and respect, it is crucial you own up to your missteps rather than point fingers.
  • Listen. Let your staff know their voices matter and urge them to share ideas and collaborate regarding creative ways to reach goals. 


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