How can you delegate effectively?

June 9, 2022

All managers need to delegate, but the way you delegate is important. If you hand off poorly defined tasks and are not clear about expectations, you can create a mess.

Harvard Business Review says to delegate effectively you first should think about what success would look like. Then, communicate clearly with your co-worker regarding what you hope the outcome will be. Explain how you will evaluate progress and results and whether there are milestones the person should hit during the process. You also should clarify how the task connects to your team’s larger goals; for example, if it is one small part of a project, explain how it fits into the whole.

Once you have clarified and communicated expectations, ask your co-worker to summarize what they heard you request. You could even ask him or her to send you a summary in an email.

Taking steps to delegate responsibly and effectively can help lead your team to success.

Tags: Business


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