How can you graciously follow up with someone?

January 5, 2022

It can be frustrating to email someone and get no response, but you shouldn’t jump to the conclusion you are being ignored, according to Harvard Business Review. Everyone is juggling a lot these days, and some people may need a gentle reminder.

Following are ways to reach out again in a gracious manner.

  • Start with a compelling subject line. Avoid generic phrases such as “following up” or “checking in” because they are vague and may make the recipient feel bad for being slow to respond. Be more specific; for example, you can use “Next steps on X project” or “Question about X.”
  • Be mindful of your tone. Research shows emails that are slightly to moderately positive in tone have a 10% to 15% higher response rate than more neutral messages, so be friendly and polite.
  • Be succinct and specific and offer your recipient an easy out. This will give them an opportunity to save face and preserve the relationship.
  • If you do all this and you still do not receive a response, use your judgment about following up again. You may need to cut your losses and move on.

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