How can you smoothly integrate new employees into your company?

March 30, 2022

If your team has experienced turnover during the past two years, you may be leading two separate groups of employees: the long-time employees and the new employees, according to Harvard Business Review.

There are ways you can integrate new employees in a manner that encourages collaboration and new ideas and prevents a divide between veteran employees and new hires.

It is important to invest in onboarding early. A robust process should cover at least six to nine months to help people believe they are fully integrated. It also should focus on helping new employees build relationships with veteran employees and other new employees.

Reducing resistance to new ideas also is key. Do not interpret new ideas as a critique of how you have done things; instead, view it as an opportunity to learn and expand. Avoid using phrases such as “We’ve tried that before, and it didn’t work” or “You don’t really understand how we do things here.” Give new hires a chance to shake things up.

Be enthusiastic and supportive regarding new methods, especially when they can help your company become more competitive. If new employees make suggestions that are not appropriate, see if you can find ways for their ideas to fit in the existing environment.

In an open, supportive environment, valuable experience from long-time workers and fresh ideas from new employees can lead to success.

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