Innovative construction wearables are reshaping safety

July 22, 2021

Wearable construction technology, which includes any device construction workers wear on their bodies, may be a valuable resource in the quest to eliminate construction worker fatalities and injuries, according to

User-friendly and powerful wearable technology—including smartwatches, boots and helmets—are influencing the future of construction safety and are designed to keep workers safe, healthy and productive.

Following are examples of construction wearables and their features.

  1. Smartwatches: These devices are capable of monitoring activity data, detecting falls and enabling safe communication.
  2. Smart boot: This piece of wearable technology can detect pressure and location without needing to be regularly charged.
  3. Smart hard hat: The hat contains a sensor band capable of detecting fatigue, preventing microsleep and sensing proximity.
  4. Augmented reality glasses: These goggles protect workers’ eyes and also show them vital information about leading edges, hazardous materials and safety protocols.
  5. Body wear: These wearable devices increase safety in various ways, such as heat tracking, gas detection and reducing muscle fatigue.

There also are construction wearables that help monitor the mental health of construction workers, which has become a growing concern. These products reportedly help workers track their moods during the day and spot trends in their mental health.

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