Median age of construction workers is 42

June 13, 2019

A National Association of Home Builders analysis of the most recent 2017 American Community Survey data reveals the median age of construction workers is 42, according to This is a year older than a typical worker in the national labor force and an increase from the median age of 41 when the 2015 ACS data was analyzed in 2017. Aging construction workers and the ongoing labor shortage are two significant challenges facing the construction industry.

The median age of construction workers varies throughout the U.S. States with the oldest median age of construction workers—45 years old—are Connecticut, Maine and New Hampshire. The median age is 44 in Illinois, Kentucky, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Wyoming. Construction workers are younger on average in the central U.S.; half of all construction workers in Utah are under 38, and in Nebraska and Texas, half are under 39.

The ACS data also allows analysis of median age by occupation. Construction occupations with younger workers include helpers, roofing workers and fence erectors. Older workers tend to be in managerial positions, such as inspectors, construction supervisors and construction managers.


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