NRCA asked …

June 22, 2022

What is your favorite NRCA resource or offering? Three NRCA members share their answers.

Chuck Chapman

NRCA’s technical services have been a life saver for our company. Mark Graham and his team always have the answers we need to do things the right way and keep us out of trouble.

—Chuck Chapman, Tecta America Arizona LLC, Phoenix

John Embow

Training for Roof Application Careers, or TRAC. Educating employees before they start on the roof helps with retention. Having exposure to system types, tasks and industry vernacular not only builds confidence for new hires but often leads to them advancing faster.

—John Embow, Grove Roofing Services Inc., Buffalo, N.Y.

Jason Stanley

In the words of Mike Rowe: “Don’t follow your passion, but always bring it with you.” I have been passionate about roofing for more than 30 years. Until a few years ago, there had not been a way to demonstrate one’s proficiency in roofing. For those who wish to show their passion and demonstrate their proficiency in almost any roofing discipline, I challenge you to become certified through NRCA ProCertification.® This program can and will change our industry.

—Jason Stanley, IB Roof Systems, Grapevine, Texas


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