NRCA asked …

August 25, 2021

What roofing technology/innovations are you most excited about? Three NRCA members share their answers.

Jennifer Ford-Smith

Adhesive technologies. Spray canister technology can boost productivity. There also are water-based adhesives for single-ply membranes that can be applied leveraging “wet lay-in,” which reduces the labor of having to apply adhesive to the membrane and the substrate.

—Jennifer Ford-Smith, Johns Manville, Denver

Ken Kelly

Building-integrated photovoltaic systems are exciting and already here. These systems combine the roof system with electricity-producing solar cells. They are beautiful, efficient and require almost no maintenance.

—Ken Kelly, Kelly Roofing, Bonita Springs, Fla.

Matthew Leonard

I am most excited about CRM—customer relationship management—software and its ability to connect the office to the field, owners or contractors from almost anywhere. There are some great ones out there that can streamline your processes and follow up, which will only get better and easier for everyone. Imagine sitting on a cruise ship or a mountaintop and logging in and being able to track everything and never miss a beat.

—Matthew Leonard, Architectural Sheet Metal Inc., Orlando, Fla.


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