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News Sept. 6, 2022

NRCA asked …

What is your company’s biggest challenge? Three NRCA members share their answers.

Gred Hudson

In today’s environment, we face a multitude of challenges. The heightened volatility in labor, energy, raw materials and transportation continues to create swirling headwinds. The timing can create a ripple effect where you need to circle back and reassess a known challenge. This also has created opportunities to identify transformational ideas that create value for customers and the company.

—Greg Hudson, Georgia-Pacific Gypsum LLC, Atlanta

Kyle King

Presently, our biggest challenge is obtaining materials in a timely manner. And, as a result, our second biggest challenge is starting and completing work per our customer’s expectations—this is with our customer’s full knowledge of the material/supply chain issues. Our weather window in the Pacific Northwest is small and closes quickly.

—Kyle King, James King Roofing LLC, Lynnwood, Wash.

Wendy Marvin

As a business owner, I enjoy the turmoil of business. It’s what we do, and it feeds my adrenaline junkie, business-owning soul. Lately, however, I’ve noticed I’m tired. My functionality is waning more often. The real personal challenge for me is the lack of time or ability to reboot. It often feels like I’m training for the Navy Seals and am only allowed to gulp air before being dragged back under to face another challenge.

We CAN handle the changes and challenges of unprecedented times IF we give ourselves the tools. We need each other. I need more friendships, more laughter and the support of affiliated organizations that do some of the heavy lifting for me. I also need support from my fantastic staff, and they need to feel supported by me.

Although all the challenges are just new ways for businesses to ebb and flow, I believe we all need more of what makes us happy, gives us strength and recharges our soul. Then we’ll have the ability to continue the fight, charging our industry into the future—with a smile.

—Wendy Marvin, Matrix Roof & Home, Vancouver, Wash.


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