NRCA Chairman-Elect testifies before House Small Business Committee

May 23, 2019

Nick Sabino, NRCA chairman of the board-elect and president of Deer Park Roofing Inc. in Cincinnati, testified before the U.S. House Committee on Small Business to discuss immigration reform that meets the needs of small businesses.

"Our goal is to grow our business and meet the needs of our customers, but the biggest obstacle to growth is the inability to find qualified applicants for job openings," Sabino says. "The problem of chronic and widespread shortages of qualified workers will become even more severe in the future due to an aging workforce and other demographic trends."

"NRCA supports the Workforce for an Expanding Economy Act (H.R. 1740), legislation designed to meet workforce needs in roofing and other industries that require critical skilled workers," Sabino notes. "It would establish a two-track system that matches willing employers with willing temporary workers and provides more visas in times of economic strength and fewer during downturns. NRCA also supports a permanent solution for roofing industry employees who have been working for many years under Temporary Protected Status."

"Workforce shortages are the single biggest challenge facing the roofing industry," Sabino concludes. "NRCA urges lawmakers to work on a bipartisan basis in support of reforms to our immigration system that address both the workforce and security needs of the American people."