NRCA supports COVID-19 safety stand down

January 7, 2021

During the week of Jan. 11-15, NRCA, in conjunction with its construction industry partners, will support a COVID-19 Jobsite Safety Stand Down by NRCA member contractors to remind workers about what they need to do to protect themselves from COVID-19 and reduce the likelihood of its spread.

A safety stand down is a voluntary event for NRCA members to reinforce in their workers the need to follow all COVID-19 safe work practices and protocols and encourage workers to be vigilant in preventing the spread of the virus. The stand down is a brief, dedicated training session highlighting the hazards and controls related to COVID-19.

Here is how to participate:

  • Select a day to do a focused session about COVID-19 hazards during the week of Jan. 11. NRCA offers resources that makes participation easy. Visit NRCA’s COVID-19 Resources for Roofing Contractors page and go to the NRCA Safety Resources section to download English or Spanish versions of NRCA’s COVID-19 Toolbox Talks. Save the file or make copies of the Toolbox Talks to email or give to your workers before the stand down session.
  • Assemble workers while keeping safe distances or reach out to them by email, conference call or virtual meeting. Have a group leader discuss the key points from the NRCA Toolbox Talks related to COVID-19 symptoms, methods of transmission, people most at risk and how best to protect workers and others. Ask whether workers have questions about protocols your company has in place and provide answers immediately or as a follow-up.
  • Remind workers about the importance of personal hygiene and safe practices to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and thank them for participating in the stand down. Tell them their safety and the safety of others are critical to your company, and you are dedicated to keeping your workplace safe and healthy.

Visit NRCA’s COVID-19 Resources for Roofing Contractors page for more information.


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