OSHA releases new heat illness prevention materials

July 7, 2021

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has made available new public service announcements and infographics—in English and Spanish—to help educate regarding keeping workers safe in the heat.

OSHA’s Campaign to Prevent Heat Illness in Outdoor Workers aims to raise awareness and educate workers and employers about the dangers of working in hot weather and provide resources and guidance to address these hazards. Workers in outdoor industries—such as agriculture, construction, landscaping and transportation—are at particular risk.

Thousands of employees become sick each year and many die from working in the heat. Labor-intensive activities in hot weather can raise body temperatures beyond the level that typically can be cooled by sweating. Heat illness initially may manifest as heat rash or heat cramps but quickly can escalate to heat exhaustion and then heat stroke if simple preventative measures are not followed.

Learn more at www.osha.gov/heat.

Tags: Safety | OSHA


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